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Check your health

Keeping track of your health is important, but we don’t always find the time to get a
check-up. At Live Life Well it’s simple and easy to organise – you can Check your Health and lifestyle FREE.


Stop Smoking

Want to stop smoking? Did you know you are 4 times more likely to quit with support from a trained advisor. We can help you to find your local Stop Smoking adviser.


Healthy Eating

Making one small change to your family’s diet will make a big difference! Develop a personalised healthy eating plan, whether that’s to lose weight or feel better, we can help.


Sexual Health...

Find out about STIs, chlamidia, good sex and talking about sex. We offer advice and information on the risks of unsafe sex and can help organise STI testing.

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Learn more about how to live your life well and track the changes you are making in your life...

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Alcohol Awareness

Is drink sneaking up on you? We offer advice, information and support on safer drinking levels and information on specialist services.


Emotional Health
and Wellbeing

Find information on how to keep your mind and body healthy by completing one or all of our 5 Ways to Wellbeing...


Being More Active

Being more active each day helps us to stay healthy. Develop a personalised plan, become more active and reach your goal, we can help.


Find out more about our volunteering opportunities and how you can get involved with Live Life Well...

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We have brought together some useful apps, widgets and videos to help with your own development...

Live Life Well Sunderland

FREE SERVICE that supports people in sunderland to make healthy changes to their lifestyle.
Live Life Well Sunderland
Live Life Well Sunderland18 hours ago
Planning on quitting smoking this Stoptober? Why not download the free app available that can support you!

#stoptober-app" target="_blank">
Live Life Well Sunderland
Live Life Well Sunderland3 days ago
Live Life Well will be at Sunderland Gay Pride today, offering advice and information.
Live Life Well Sunderland
Live Life Well Sunderland3 weeks ago
Are you an ex-smoker? What support helped you stay #Smokefree? Perhaps you’re an e-cigarette user or choose patches or gum to help keep you off the cigarettes. If so, we’d love you to share your story with others who are trying to stop. If you need support to quit call us on 0191 565 34 82.
Live Life Well Sunderland
Live Life Well Sunderland3 weeks ago
Interested in promoting healthy lifestyles or concerned about health issues in Sunderland?

The Health Champion programme aims to develop community leadership skills with a range of FREE courses, so that passionate individuals can make a difference to health in their work, community and social networks

For dates of current available courses, see the poster below (pre-booking essential). You can also book directly onto these courses online at:
Live Life Well Sunderland
Live Life Well Sunderland4 weeks ago
Congratulations to George for being #SmokeFree for 4 weeks and working towards quitting smoking for good!

Well done George.
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